I’m as crazy about cats as I am dotty about dogs – so you can be assured I will take the time to ensure the care your cat gets is second to none. Cat sitting is a great alternative, allowing your cat to stay in the comfort their own home while I visit as often as required to ensure their normal routine is maintained. During visits I will feed and water as per your instructions, and clean and replenish litter trays as required. I appreciate that different cats have different personalities, some love to play, some love cuddles, others want to be out and about – I will take the time to understand from you what your cat needs. Whether that is play and cuddles or just a little bit of company we are happy to provided whatever makes your cat happy. Extended visits can be booked to ensure your cat gets plenty of play, fun or attention, I have a range of toys I can bring with me such as illuminated balls, tunnels and chase games to help keep your cat occupied while you are away. I am also happy to administer medication as required.

1 Daily Visit - From £9.50

2 Daily Visits - From £17 


Includes drawing curtains, watering plants, putting out bins etc if required.

*All prices subject to location and specific needs